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“Murder Party”

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This is Gracchus

and this is loud.



Bernhard Schnellmann / Vocals, Guitar

Allan Murphy / Drums, Vocals

Marcel Bütikofer / Bass

Jeff Elrose / Guitar, Vocals


As a child, he played the violin and the piano, as a teen, Bernhard Schnellmann discovered his passion for the guitar. Playing in a band during his high school years, he realized very soon that this was what he wanted to do in his life.

So off he went to the USA to attend the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles to get his AA in Music Performance in Guitar. To live the dream of being a musician.

Heavily influenced by Metallica, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold and all of this American heavy rock goodness, he wanted to form his own band. His vision was to focus on that said heaviness, but without any glamour influences and instead just raw and honest music.

With those ideals and one of Kafka’s short stories in mind, Bernhard formed Gracchus together with his friend Allan Murphy, in the year of 2015. Since then, Allan, a singing, incredibly talented drummer (who, by the way, also plays the bass and the guitar extraordinarily well) helps shaping the sound of Gracchus with his sense of rhythm and his great musical ear.

Marcel Bütikofer joined Gracchus after listening to the demos that Bernhard had recorded during his stay in the US and was immediately on board. By now, the man with a brown belt in karate is well known for his groovy bass lines and his winning stage presence.

Lastly, the search for a second guitar player began – which turned out to be somewhat of a challenge. Finding a dedicated member who is disciplined enough to practice and show up when needed proved to be a bigger task than expected. Finally, in the summer of 2017, Jeff Elrose came to Switzerland to write songs, play gigs and practice with the band. The New Jersey native and Bernhard had known each other since their studies in Los Angeles, where they discovered their musical as well as their personal compatibility. After two and a half months of intesively working together, the whole band was convinced that they had finally found the ideal fourth wheel of Gracchus.



Have you checked out our interview in the German Metal Hammer yet? (Yes, we’re pretty proud of that one.)


Our second single Sewn Together is now on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and pretty much every other streaming platform.

Be like Allan - check it out!


Today we released the first single off of our upcoming album - we hope you enjoy!


Today, for the very first time ever, we listened to all the tracks back to back and it made us realize what hell of a story we went through this last year. So many ups and downs, personal and professional hardships. Of course, doubts and anxieties rise when you‘re working on a project of this magnitude and this impact on our lives. But not one second did we feel like any of this is a mistake or that this won’t work.

Now, all that’s left are the mastering and the CD printing - and after that, we will finally be able to share our work with all of you!

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We’re beyond excited about the LP we’re currently working on! Everything in this creation process just feels so right and everyone of us is going all out to prove to you what Gracchus is capable of.

So make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Mirjam Eschbach


Our EP “Cluttered and Crowded” is out now!


Our newest video is NOW on YouTube. A collage of everything that has happened to us over the past three years. Sometimes things go unseen and unheard. We pour everything into our music, make sacrifices in our personal lives to continue to do what we love.

This is our take on Black Sabbath’s Into the Void. We hope you get to know the way we see and experience Gracchus and understand what this band is all about.

We’re not kidding around. 

Sometimes the tougher road is worth travelling.

Cheers to what’s about to come!



Our new EP "Cluttered and Crowded" will drop on September 28!

Pre-order your copy here.



Ever wonder what Bernhard, Allan, Mäsi and Jeff listen to? Here you go:


Our new live video, recorded at our first gig in Liechtenstein, is now online.



As of today, our single Change The Track is available on Spotify and Apple Music!



Our EP MCMLXXX is now finally on Spotify and Apple Music!



New songs in the making... Stay posted!



It's official! Gracchus will be supporting Diablo Blvd @ Hall of Fame Wetzikon on October 17th!

» Facebook-Event (Link)



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